An Artist Lives Near The 24th St Station

A portrait.

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Fenton’s Fan Fiction

A description of delights, a creamy compendium.

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A Brief Summary of Cows

For the curious and the uncomprehending

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Looking Up, You Notice You Are Lost

A story about public transit, and public transit riders.

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I Brush My Teeth Before I Go To Bed

This is the result of an experiment where every night for a month I wrote three sentences about that night's teeth-brushing.

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Five Places to Spend a Quiet Hour

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Let the Lillies Consider

A full-cast recording of Let The Lillies Consider, a Quiet, Please story originally recorded in 1948.  

The cast:

James and Announcer - Kai Stewart

Policeman - Erik Ostrom

Gretchen - Kate Schmidt

Lillies - Shea Roberts, Jeff Gyllen, Marina Yoder, Colleen Riley, Miranda Hoeferson


Quiet, Please was written and originally directed by Wyllis Cooper.  Learn more about Quiet, Please at, or listen at

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Our Library

A story about the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, California.

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The Stranger

It's only the stranger again, drifting through town.

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Rabbit, Eagle, Fish

Three stories, or four stories, or one story, or more than that.

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