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Ways to Break; Ways to Believe

A story about here, and there, and ways things might break, and the things we might believe.

Talk With Transformer

A collaboration with the neural network Talk To Transformer by Adam King.

The Forest Where We Left You

It is a place I'm glad to know.

Selections from a Soundtrack

Feeling good, rust riders, cyber jockeys.

The Witch’s Island

Excerpts from a a guided tour

36 Gardens

Gardens of many sizes and qualities.

The Brothers on the Landing

This one's kind of spooky, but has a lot of commentary from the Guffin.

I Used to Follow The Lights to the Edge of the City

Love Song to the Crows Outside in Winter

Some thoughts, several of them about birds and the sun.

When I was young, I promised myself I would learn to fly

Some time spent thinking about flight.