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The Forest Where We Left You

It is a place I'm glad to know.

Selections from a Soundtrack

Feeling good, rust riders, cyber jockeys.

The Witch’s Island

Excerpts from a a guided tour

36 Gardens

Gardens of many sizes and qualities.

The Brothers on the Landing

This one's kind of spooky, but has a lot of commentary from the Guffin.

I Used to Follow The Lights to the Edge of the City

Love Song to the Crows Outside in Winter

Some thoughts, several of them about birds and the sun.

When I was young, I promised myself I would learn to fly

Some time spent thinking about flight.

Several Pounds of Chert Were Walking Down The Street

What sedimentary rock does on its days off.

White, Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Brown

Selections from Werner's Nomenclature of Colors